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‘Sights and Sounds: Stone Town’ is a Stunning Visual Escape

As part of a series profiling different cities in Africa, FABA (For Africans By Africans) has created an eye-popping video about Stone Town, Zanzibar.  Meant to give an inside look at day-to-day life in African cities, it is a visual smorgasbord showcasing the history, beauty and rhythms of this magical city. The piece takes viewers around the island’s main city, showcasing its rich historical architecture, musical culture and, of course, its famous physical beauty. What stands out the most though are its people, who are captured with care as they share a view of their daily lives in a fast-changing city. “Capturing a town as culturally rich as Stone Town fits into our mission of cultural preservation as the town is being pressured into urban development,” says FABA founder Chika Okoli.