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Sierra Leone’s Capital, Freetown, and other Cities have been Plunged into Darkness for Weeks

It has severely disrupted daily life, with operations disrupted in major hospitals. Karpowership, the Turkish ship which supplies most of Freetown’s power, has virtually switched off the lights over an unpaid bill of about $48m (£38m), despite repeated assurances by the finance minister to settle the debt. In a statement, Karpowership said it had reduced electricity supply to six megawatts – from 60 megawatts – to only power essential services.CLSG, an Ivorian power supplier, has also significantly reduced its supply to the south-eastern cities of Bo, Kenema and Koidu over unpaid arrears. it reduced its supply from 32 megawatts to 10. It is not clear how much the state owes it.