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Shipping Containers to the Rescue

Africa’s narrative has remained largely unchanged over the past few decades, marked by persistent themes such as poor infrastructure, lack of education, disease, poverty and inequality. But one company seeks to transform public service delivery with a literal out-of-the-box solution: shipping containers. This organisation is the Moti Group, a private, black-owned investment holding company with interests in mining and mineral beneficiation, property, aviation and financial products, among others. Through its innovative start-up, dubbed the African Hero project, the Moti Group has started recycling and renovating shipping containers to create fit-for-purpose, ready-made clinics and schools.  This project aims to deploy hundreds of these reimagined shipping containers across Sub-Saharan Africa over the next few years, marking a key milestone in the company’s ambitious plans for the continent. The Moti Group has already begun its rollout in Zimbabwe, with eight new clinics planned within the next two months, and the group has also entered discussions with potential partners in SA and Botswana.