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Seven Striking Images by Africa’s New Creative Wave

Thanks to an increasing global fascination with African art and the democratization of exposure afforded by the internet, a refreshing emergence of young African photographers is taking the art world by storm. Influenced by many of the greats that preceded them, like Malick Sidibé or Hassan Hajjaj, their work demonstrates a connection to their forebears, but offers up a new level of creative expression. “They have been major influences, not only on African photography but international photography,” Touria El Glaoui, the founder of 1-54, tells BBC Culture. “The younger generation can’t help but be inspired and influenced by these legends whether it’s their approach to studio photography or street photography in particular,” adds Aida Amoako, author of As We See It, a book exploring the works of 30 black image-makers. Amoako notes that heritage is often an integral theme for many African artists. “There are artists who were born and raised on the continent and still live there, which has deeply informed their work.”