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SETA-Compliant Tech A Game-Changer For South Africa’s Learning & Development Professionals

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An enhancement to one of the world’s leading learner experience platforms is about to change the game for South Africa’s Human Resources and Learning & Development professionals.

In what is being hailed as a breakthrough moment for the sector, South African online learning solutions provider New Leaf Technologies has announced that cloud based LXP aNewSpring will now include a moderation function purposely built to comply with the South African Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) requirements.

The learner logs into the a NewSpring platform to complete their learning and assessments. The work can then be evaluated by the course assessors online.

Then the internal moderation process can take place within the organisation. Once this has been completed, an external moderator of the SETA will check the learner’s work as well as the assessment of the moderator online. If all is aligned, the learner will be issued a certificate.

With the help of our platform, a wide range of learner activities may be evaluated and assessed. Enabling automatic marking of actions, which saves time and resources. The platform records input from the assessor and moderator as well as learner progress.

“We are incredibly excited about this development,” says New Leaf Technologies co-founder Paul Hanly.

“The new moderator role offers an important advantage for L&D professionals by making it easier for training providers to calibrate evaluations of assessors and offer feedback,” he says.

“They can also be sure that the training adheres to the highest standards and there’s no room for any kind of bias. This kind of advantage is of paramount importance when the training has rigorous requirements for quality control and certification.”

“The updated system is a first-of-its-kind for Africa,” Hanly says.

“There has been a big demand for it in South Africa as it manages the process from end to end. Previously this process was handled manually, loaded from one platform to another, with results all over the place and messy. Now everything is streamlined and in one system without the need for paperwork or document storage.”

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