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Senegal is a Great Destination for Black Travelers to Reconnect with their Ancestors

The country has long been regarded as a place for diasporans to learn about Black history outside the Western world’s teaching. And while this is possible for every country on the continent, Senegal is unique because of its role as the last stop for millions of enslaved Africans. The West African country is more than its horrific colonial past. There’s so much happening in Senegal on the arts and culture scene and the development front. In 2019, the Museum of Black Civilizations opened in an effort to take back Black cultural contributions from countries that stole historical art and other artifacts during colonization. Senegal will also soon be home to a futuristic city that many call a “real-life Wakanda” after musical artist and mogul Akon announced plans to build the city that will serve as a “safe haven” for descendants of the diaspora looking to flee racial injustice.