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Selassie Atadika’s Nomadic Dinner is Coming to Cape Town

Ghanaian chef Selassie Atadika, who’s set to speak at #DI2020, will host a once-off nomadic dinner in collaboration with Aubergine restaurant in Cape Town! Chef Selassie Atadika’s joyful culinary story evolved out of nomadism and nostalgia. Her family left Ghana due to political instability and settled in the United States, but young Atadika never forgot the wonders of traditional Ghanaian food. It was some years before she found her way home, however. Sudan, she had something of a culinary epiphany when tasting food that reminded her of home. Another turning point was coming face to face with the complex dynamics which lead to malnutrition in Northern Nigeria. It was these experiences that prompted her to change career direction.


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