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Second Video Emerges Of DA MP Gouws Using Racial Slurs During Rant

Recently elected Democratic Alliance (DA) member of Parliament, Renaldo Gouws, is facing controversy.

Gouws, a former councillor in Nelson Mandela Bay’s ward two, gained attention on social media on Monday after a 2009 video resurfaced showing him ranting about alleged reverse apartheid against white South Africans.

EWN received confirmation from Gouws about the video’s authenticity from 2009.

While some defended Gouws, arguing that his remarks were not racist, another video has surfaced. In this more recent footage, Gouws is heard using a derogatory term from the apartheid era against black South Africans.

“Kill the fing ks, kill all the fing ns. That’s all I’ve got to say, kill all the fing ks, kill all the f*ing n*****s.”

This video appeared shortly after another incident where Gouws was responding to former African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) leader, Julius Malema, and the chant “Kill die boer”.

Gouws is seen in a room, wearing a green T-shirt and beanie, vehemently speaking into the camera. Only two minutes of this six-minute video were leaked on the social platform X on Wednesday night.

The content indicates it was made around March 2010, just 90 days before the 2010 World Cup.

Following the leak, attempts to reach Gouws on Wednesday night were unsuccessful. However, on Monday, after the initial video resurfaced, he commented to EWN:

“This has appeared and disappeared for the last six or seven years and this is about the fourth time now that I’ve spoken about this video. So could you maybe send me WhatsApp questions and I can give you my responses that I have done of the last couple of years.”

In addition to his political career, Gouws runs a YouTube channel where he posts podcasts and commentary on current affairs, which boasts 128,000 subscribers.