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SCA Grants Wife Killer Jason Rohde Bail

Convicted wife killer Jason Rohde has been granted bail by the Supreme Court of Appeal while he waits to appeal his murder conviction.

The decision was handed down on Wednesday morning.

The former property mogul’s lawyers brought the application after their client was previously denied bail by the Western Cape High Court.

Rohde’s serving an effective 20-year jail term for killing his wife Susan and then tampering with the crime scene to make it look like she committed suicide.

The incident took place at the Spier Wine Estate in Stellenbosch in 2016.

His lawyer Tony Mostert has confirmed the details.

“He’s been granted bail and he should be out tomorrow, hopefully.”

Rohde’s release on bail is subject to certain conditions, including the payment of R200,000 and the furnishing of a R1 million guarantee to the Registrar of the Western Cape High Court.

The former property mogul is also required to live at his residence in Plettenberg Bay. Should he need to attend court cases in either Cape Town or Johannesburg, Rohde is required to stay at specific residences in both cities. He must also personally notify the commanding officer of the Plettenberg Bay Police Station two days in advance of his departure for either Cape Town or Johannesburg as well as notifying the officer of the duration of the stay, which is not to exceed five weekdays for each stay away from Plettenberg Bay.

Another requirement is that Rohde notifies the Registrar of the SCA in writing of any change in his residential address, the Johannesburg or Cape Town address three days before such a change happens.

In addition, Rohde is required to report to the Plettenberg Bay Police Station between 6am and 6pm on a Wednesday and a Saturday of each week and he is also not allowed to apply for a passport.

Should his appeal be unsuccessful or partially unsuccessful and he is required to return to prison, Rohde must report to the Plettenberg Bay Police Station within 48 hours of a written notice being served on his attorney.