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SBG Lends its Voice to HeForShe Campaign

“Standard Bank’s purpose is “Africa is our home, we drive her growth”. We can only drive Africa’s growth if we play our part in ensuring that women and girls enjoy the same rights as men and boys. In the corporate world, that also means that we must create an enabling environment, free from bias, in which women are able to advance and succeed on the basis of merit and ability. We recognize that it is unnatural and unsustainable to have a gender imbalance in our leadership. As a man leading an organization that seeks to grow Africa, I know it is imperative to address this imbalance. Standard Bank is therefore committed to reaching parity in executive positions across our operations. We will achieve this through fair and unbiased hiring practices, continuing to develop and implement enabling workplace policies, and ensuring that women have access to appropriate development and leadership opportunities”Source: HEFORSHE