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Sassa Suspends More Than 200 000 Temporary Disability Grants

Sassa has suspended over 200,000 temporary disability grants, allegedly due to a lack of funds.

The delays are partially caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Democratic Alliance is calling for the Portfolio Committee on Social Development to convene an urgent meeting to address this issue. 

“What needed to happen now is for the applicants to go back to Sassa and apply again, I wouldn’t even say reapply because it’s a brand new application when it has lapsed, when the grant period has lapsed they need to reapply,” said the DA’s Bridget Masango.

“That is what we were expecting to happen from May and so what we were saying as the Democratic Alliance is that there needed to have been plans for that because every month you know that there will be a grant that will lapse so you know that the numbers will increase.”

The temporary disability grant provides financial assistance to South Africans who are unable to work, due to injury or illness, for between six and 12 months.