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William Makgoba

SA’s Health System A ‘Dysfunctional Mess’ That Can’t Be Fixed – Makgoba

Former Health Ombudsman Professor Malegapuru Makgoba described the South African health system as “dysfunctional” and “a mess”.

Makgoba, who was the country’s inaugural ombuds served his final day in office on Wednesday.

During his seven-year term, Makgoba’s office investigated over 10,000 complaints.

He said the Life Esidemeni incident where 144 patients died left him particularly shocked, especially regarding former MEC Qaedani Mahlangu’s comments.

“What I found very strange about that was when the MEC and her senior people said it was normal for people to die, after all that, I thought that was careless and I couldn’t believe that.”

He said the health system is clearly not working and was asked whether it could be fixed by the government.

“I don’t think with this government, and I am not the advocating regime change but I think this government has been so incompetent that we should do something about it as the electorate.”