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SA’s Genocide Case Against Israel Is Based On Principle – Ramaphosa

President Cyril Ramaphosa says taking Israel to the world’s top court for genocide crimes is a decision based on principle.

According to him, South Africa is duty bound to call out Israel for its attacks on Palestinians in Gaza under the United Nations Genocide Convention.

Speaking during the African National Congress’ birthday celebrations in Mbombela on Monday, Ramaphosa said South Africa is prepared to take the risk of lodging the dispute in the International Court of Justice, which will be heard on Thursday.

South Africa is a reference point for the world on issues of human rights, said the president, adding that the country needs to take a stand on a matter of principle to support the struggles of those who face the same challenges South Africans once did.

“The people of Palestine today are being bombed. They are being killed and there is apartheid there in Israel. And we were duty bound to stand up and support the Palestinians.”

Referencing the founding father of South African democracy Nelson Mandela, Ramaphosa added that South Africa’s freedom won’t be truly realised unless Palestinians are also free.

“Some people say it’s risky. We are a small country, we are a small economy, but we stand on principle.”

South Africa remains consistent in it’s foreign policy that negotiation is the best way to resolve disputes, Ramaphosa said.