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Santaco Open To Talks With Government

The South African National Taxi Council (Santaco) says despite a planned shutdown in Gauteng, the sector is still open to more talks with government.

Taxi drivers have announced they will stop operations on Monday, to protest against governments R1 billion relief funds aimed at easing the impact of the lockdown.

The industry says the money is not enough to mitigate the enormous losses it has suffered.

The shutdown comes just days after the association announced that taxi fares in Gauteng will increase by a maximum of R7 next month.

Santaco’s Ralph Jones said: “You don’t just wake up and say on Monday we are going to have a strike or a shutdown. Although these monies they are offering are not enough, but I mean already we have lost so much. These things should be approached in a manner that will have an impact. Everybody must be involved, not only a few.”