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Santaco Mapping Out Ways To Deal With Coronavirus At Taxi Ranks

Taxi governing body Santaco is now working on a plan to put stringent hygiene measures in place for drivers and millions of commuters at taxi ranks as well as inside the vehicles they travel in.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has called on people to avoid using taxis and busses where possible to limit possible exposure to coronavirus.

He announced a state of disaster on Sunday night, which involved the closure of schools, travel restrictions and the scrapping of mass gatherings involving crowds of more than 100 people.

Many have been asking what this means for those who rely on taxis to get around.

Santaco president Phillip Taaibosch said they would be meeting with business partners on Thursday where a message would be communicated on how to be more cautious on the job.

“Remember we are still dealing with hawkers, queue marshals and all those people and we need to make sure the message goes to them and to the broader public.”

Meanwhile, government has increased its programmes to inform the public how they should respond and keep themselves safe.

One such initiative is a video, which has been posted by the Department of International Relations on its social media platform.

Government is urging South Africans not to panic, not to spread fake news and to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly.

There are now 62 confirmed infections in the country but this number is expected to continue rising as more test results are released.