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Same Sex Family Celebrate Namibian Court Decision

After a legal battle, Namibia has issued travel documents to twin infant daughters of a gay couple who were born in South Africa to a surrogate mother. Maya and Paula were born in March in Durban to architect parents Phillip Lühl, 38-year-old Namibian, and Guillermo Delgado, a 36-year-old Mexcian. It comes after a Namibian court first rejected the couple’s request and demanded genetic proof that Lühl was the farther. But a new minister appointed in April studied the court documents and “authorised the issuance of emergency travel certificates applied for”, the AFP news agency reports. The two were married in South Africa in December 2014, but the Namibian Interior Ministry does not recognise their union. On the South African twins’ birth certificates, the couple is listed as the parents.