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Safe Travels in these African States

Travelling to Africa can seem daunting to some Westerners because the continent has been portrayed in a negative light by some media. However, there are still many safe places to visit among the 54 countries in the continent. Rwanda is one of the safest travel destinations to visit in Africa. The World Economic Forum ranked the East African country as the 9th safest in 2017, ahead of Portugal, New Zealand, Austria, Sweden, Spain and the Netherlands. Botswana has a small population and stable political climate which makes it safe to visit or to live in. It does have crime, but not at an alarming rate. Mauritius, the subtropical island country in the Indian Ocean is the tourist destination of choice for many around the world and a popular honeymoon target. No country in the world can claim to be free of crime, but Namibia ranks as one of the safest and most politically stable nations in Africa. Seychelles is a safe country for vacations and the perfect destination for a honeymoon. Morocco is a prime territory for trekking and other outdoor activities such as riding camels and camping on the desert. Like Ethiopia, it is a relatively safe place to travel but tourists have to be cautious of pickpocketing and scammers.