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Safari ‘Sweet Spot’ – the Ultimate Combination of Wild and Luxury

To stay true to the camping part of ‘glamourous camping’, a glamping safari experience still has that authentic under canvas aspect, instead of built structures, and by ideally accommodating only a few guests, it keeps the quiet and intimate coziness of regular camping. Ultimately, a stay at a glamping safari camp like Rhino Sands, means that you are still immersed and open to the sensory experience of being in the bush, but not exposed to nature’s harsher elements. Every day in the bush is a unique and exciting adventure. Part of the glamping safari experience are the time-honored traditions and modern surprises that take on a local twist. All of these are opportunities creatively curated by your glamping hosts to inspire you to truly appreciate the enchanting beauty and peace that the African bush holds. Whether you see just some or all members of the Big 5, this is an African safari experience that will leave an indelible imprint on your mind. And then pairing these exhilarating animal encounters with tented luxury are what makes a glamping safari experience in South Africa just that much more unforgettable!