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Safari Challenge takes the Kruger by Storm

One of the biggest joys for safari-goers during the pandemic was when the Kruger National park reopened to visitors. Anyone interested to know what the Park is all about simply has to glance over their social media page or group to know that Kruger fans are close knit, united in their love for wildlife and exceptionally defensive of their beloved Park. Challenges of various natures have taken the online world by storm and the latest craze has got safari-goers sharing their humorous camping experiences in Kruger on a Facebook group. The result is a fun-loving community sharing hilarious memories that have got group members in stitches. Called the ‘Val Stephens challenge’, the stories range from couples sneaking in wine on day visits and making out in bakkies while trying to remember to watch out for animals, to car tyres being changed by visitors unaware of a large pride of lions only 200 metres away from them. Val Stephens, a group moderator started the challenge after she read a funny story shared by a fellow member. The response has been overwhelming, with many praising Stephens for the initiative and delighting in the opportunity to share experiences with strangers as if with old friends around a campfire.