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iec election counting

SACP Backs ANC Bid To Reopen IEC Candidate List Registration

The SACP says it is backing its alliance partner in its quest to have the IEC reopen candidate list registrations.

The ANC has approached the electoral court on this matter.

It wants the system reopened for a day as it claims it needs more time to complete its candidate list process.

“Our attitude towards the local government elections as the SACP is that, local government elections are very important because they are about governance closer to the people and therefore we would like to see a free and fair election as has happened before,” said SACP’s Blade Nzimande.

“We are also reaffirming our support for an ANC and alliance led electoral list, although we have actually said that we are concerned that in some parts of the country there has been some problems in the handling of the list in some of the ANC structures at regional level. On our part, we fully support and we are backing the ANC.” 

Meanwhile, there have been calls for the IEC to reject the ANC’s application.