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SAA Turns Passenger Plane Into Cargo Carrier

SAA Turns Passenger Plane Into Cargo Carrier

In response to the increase in demand for cargo flights to distribute essential goods during the lockdown, SAA has for the first time in history operated an Airbus as a cargo-only flight.

It is understood that the flight with goods including fresh fruits, vegetables and laboratory supplies transported the items from Johannesburg to Frankfurt earlier this week.

SAA said that the cargo plane returned on Tuesday with testing kits, personal protective gear and processing equipment for food.

The national carrier said that a similar flight was scheduled for Friday for the collection and delivery of medical supplies in China.

Spokesperson Tlali Tlali: “This aircraft type is one of the biggest in our fleet and has the capacity and range to reinforce the existing cargo planes we have in our fleet. The contribution we are making through our freighters is in support of the economy to ensure that the country has the necessary and adequate supplies of essential goods.”

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