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SAA Named Among Top Airlines Globally For On-Time Arrivals

South African Airways (SAA) has been named among the top airlines in the world performing best when it comes to on-time arrivals.

This is according to travel data and analytics company, Cirium.

SAA was ranked fourth in the category, beating out other top Middle Eastern and African airlines, scoring 85.69% overall.

Cirium publishes its annual On-time Performance (OTP) Review providing a definitive list of the world’s best-performing airlines and airports for on-time flight operations.

“According to the International Airlines Transport Association’s benchmark of OTP, an airline is on-time when it arrives within 15 minutes of the scheduled time of arrival or departs within 15 minutes of the scheduled departure time. We are excited that most of the time we adhere to these deadlines, said Zuks Ramasia, SAA acting CEO.

“We place a high premium on punctuality as measured through OTP. It is one of our most important customer impact performance indicators. The more punctual we are, the happier the customers we keep. Any flight delays could lead to costs for the airline and inconvenience to the customer. Delays could snowball into more delays, requiring more re-planning to recover the schedule for the rest of the day and bring inefficiencies.”

“We believe Cirium’s On-Time Performance Review 2019 will inspire airlines and airports to continue innovating to improve their performance. By embracing digital transformation and leveraging data to its full potential, Cirium can help the aviation industry harness its power to improve on-time performance and enhance the passenger experience,” said Jeremy Bowen, Cirium CEO.