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SA To Purchase Emergency Power To Keep The Lights On – Mashatile

Deputy President Paul Mashatile assured South Africans that government was determined to bring an end to load shedding.

Mashatile’s statement followed the battling power utility’s warning that South Africans should brace for the toughest winter yet, as power cuts were expected to hit Stage 8.

Eskom further said its shortfall of generation capacity could be a reality until August.

Mashatile was speaking during an oversight visit to an agriculture institution in KwaZulu-Natal on Thursday.

Various agricultural projects continued in the province but for some, like chicken farmers, power cuts affected their businesses.

On several occasions, government said that it was addressing the issue of power cuts, even appointing a new Minister for Electricity in earlier 2023.

But for South Africans this did not bring much joy, as power cuts continued.

Mashatile, however, said government was actually hard at work in this regard.

“Government is determined to keep the lights on, apart from appointing the Minister of Electricity. You know that we’ve have announced that we are now embarking on purchasing emergency power.”