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SA Speakers Go Global

500 South African keynote speakers, MC’s, entertainers and trainers have been handed a critical lifeline in the form of an app which offers their services to conferences and corporates around the world. 

Launched in the heart of the pandemic, on 5th May 2020, the WeSpeak Global app was designed for the South African events industry, to market thought leaders and entertainers while providing a marketplace to sell their short video keynotes, online books and training courses. As many parts of the world now start to emerge from hard lockdown, the app has also evolved to include venues, suppliers and accommodation.

Well-known speakers registering their talents include John Smit, Professor Jonathan Jansen and Vusi Thembekwayo, and recent bookings have seen Llewellyn Devereaux (three times), Duane Rockwell (MC), Liezel van der Westhuizen and Cindy Norcott, all achieving a significant return on their monthly app subscription, which ranges from a free basic listing (entry level) to $25 per month (silver package).

International speakers include Jason Hewlett, Sterling Hawkins and Lisa Orrell from the USA, Kevin Gaskell (UK), Mallence Bart-Williams (Germany) and Antoni Lacinai (Sweden).

“Like tourism, the speaking industry was hard hit by COVID-19. We wanted to help those whose livelihood was almost instantly out on the line. Now, conference, event planners and organisers around the world can instantly connect with any speaker, entertainer or emcee and contact them directly. You can listen to podcasts, read articles, purchase an online course or ‘DinKEYnote’ which provides access to the experience and expertise within our local industry directly to your pocket at the touch of a button,” explains Bronwyn Hesketh, the co-creator of the app and Chief Marketing Officer of Hesketh Media.

“There is nothing like this for the events industry in the world. WeSpeak Global now allows bookers and planners to contact anyone directly from their phone or download information from anyone anywhere in the world,” adds Hesketh.