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SA Reduces Intervals Between COVID Vaccine Shots

South Africans older than 18 can now mix their COVID-19 vaccine booster dose.

The Health Department has announced that adults who have received one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be eligible to receive a booster dose of either the same vaccine or Pfizer after an interval of three months.

Until now, there was no science backing the move to safely mix the vaccines.

From Wednesday, the interval between the first and the second doses of Pfizer vaccine will be reduced from 6 weeks to just three weeks.

And just three months after the second dose, a person is eligible for a booster shot, instead of waiting six months.

South Africans will also be able to mix between Johnson & Johnson as well as Pfizer.

If a person had a double dose of Pfizer, he or she can either have the same booster shot or opt for a Johnson & Johnson – the same for those with a single shot Johnson & Johnson.

The Health Department said that the decision as to what vaccine should be administered as a booster would be guided by the availability.