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SA Airlink, Qatar Airways Sign Deal To Expand In SA

Local flyer, SA Airlink has signed a deal with Middle Eastern airliner, Qatar Airways, to expand operations in South Africa following the crash of Comair.

There’s little expectation that Kulula and British Airways flights will return to the skies after Comair, which accounted for 40% of the country’s domestic flights, was placed under provisional liquidation earlier this month.

Airlink CEO and managing director, Rodger Foster, said that the deal was a significant development for South African travellers.

“It gives access to all of those that originate their trips from points within our network, through our main hubs, Johannesburg and Cape Town International, and then connecting on to destinations that Doha reaches through Qatar Airways – so they’ve got hundreds of destinations out of Doha and we’ve got our 55 destinations out of Johannesburg and Cape Town,” Foster said.