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Rwandan Tech Startups Raise Seed Funding from Kigali-based Norrsken Foundation

Founded by Niklas Adalberth, one of the founders of Swedish fintech unicorn Klarna, in 2016, Norrsken aims to help entrepreneurs solve the world’s greatest challenges. PesaChoice is a financial services technology company bridging the gap between salary payouts and unexpected expenses for people with limited access to institutional credit. Users can quickly and efficiently apply for micro-loans at a fixed interest rate, eliminating the need to rely on predatory lenders, piles of paperwork and long waiting times to get access to funds. Viebeg, meanwhile, is an e-health startup that is building a procurement platform that ensures healthcare facilities always have the right type and quantities of product in stock to treat patients. Its software is used by over 230 hospitals across Rwanda, Burundi and Congo, helping them source supplies more efficiently and generating cost savings of up to 40 per cent.