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Rwanda is Home to Many other Thrilling Species – If you Know Where to Look

When it comes to a classic safari, few people think of Rwanda – but in the east of the country, the rainforest-clad mountains flatten out into a much drier, savannah-style landscape, and it’s here that you’ll find Africa’s Big Five roaming freely. Lions snooze in the shade, elephants cool off in blue lakes, zebras graze in tall grasses and giraffes amble across the plains. It’s yet another incredible success story for Rwandan conservation efforts: lions were only reintroduced here in 2015, black rhinos in 2017, and now both are thriving once again. Take it all in from Wilderness Safaris’ Magashi Camp, an exclusive enclave of just six luxury en-suite tents on the shores of Lake Rwanyakazinga, surrounded by 6,000 hectares within Akagera National Park. For unrivalled views, take a boat out onto the calm waters and glide slowly and silently past the incredible spectacle of animals drinking and bathing before you. Don’t just look out for the Big Five, however; Akagera’s woodlands and papyrus-edged lakes are home to more than 500 bird species, making this one of the best places in the world to catch a glimpse of rare varieties.