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Rugby World Cup Organizing Committee Welcomes Rugby Africa President to Paris to Discuss Africa’s Involvement in the Rugby World Cup

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During his official visit to France, Herbert Mensah, the new President of Rugby Africa (, the continental governing body for rugby in Africa, held a meeting with Julien Collette, General Manager of the 2023 Rugby World Cup Organizing Committee to discuss Africa’s participation to the Rugby World Cup. The meeting took place at the iconic France 2023 Headquarters, La Maison de la Mutualité, located in the heart of Paris.

At the forefront of Africa’s participation in the 2023 Rugby World Cup, stand South Africa and Namibia, proudly representing the continent. The presence of these nations exemplifies the continent’s growing influence on the global rugby stage. Notably, South Africa’s current global champion status and its third-time world champion title are a testament to Africa’s exceptional skill, determination, and commitment to rugby.

Africa’s population is anticipated to double, reaching a staggering 2.5 billion by 2050, and according to the United Nations, the African youth will constitute 42% of the world’s population by 2030. This demographic shift carries tremendous potential for the Rugby World Cup viewership growth, as a larger population naturally translates into a larger potential audience.

To seize this extraordinary potential, it is imperative for World Rugby, the governing body of the rugby and the owner of the Rugby World Cup, to invest significantly in Africa, much like other prominent sports organizations such as FIFA for football, NBA for basketball, and even NFL for American football. By strategically tapping into the growing interest and population of Africa, World Rugby can not only boost the viewership of the Rugby World Cup but also foster a lasting passion for rugby within the continent, contributing to the sport’s global expansion and long-term success.

“We are very glad to welcome here in Paris, the new President of Rugby Africa. We think that the next Rugby World Cup in France would be a very great opportunity for promoting rugby everywhere in the world, and particularly in Africa,” said the General Manager of the 2023 Rugby World Cup Organizing Committee, Julien Collette.

“A diverse range of African stakeholders, including our community members, esteemed dignitaries, and strategic investment partners, are eager to enhance their involvement in future editions of the Rugby World Cup. This collective enthusiasm is rooted in the understanding that sports, rugby included, offer substantial economic prospects. Recognizing the significant financial potential within the sports industry, there exists a shared ambition to not only participate in upcoming Rugby World Cup events but also to explore opportunities for business expansion and mutual benefits,” stated the recently elected President of Rugby Africa, Herbert Mensah.

The 2023 Rugby World Cup will be the tenth men’s Rugby World Cup, the quadrennial world championship for rugby union national teams. It is scheduled to take place in France from 8 September to 28 October 2023 in nine venues across the country.

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