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RTMC Urges Motorists Ensure Vehicles Are Roadworthy

The Road Traffic Management Corporation calls on motorists to use the black Friday shopping period to fix their vehicles and ensure they are roadworthy in preparation for long distance travel during the festive season.

Un-roadworthy vehicles are one of the major contributors to fatal road crashes in South Africa. Seven per cent of road crashes during the festive season last year were attributed to the un-roadworthiness of vehicles. This was an increase on the previous year’s statistics. 

According to verified information in the possession of the RTMC, a total of 1 170 166 vehicles were recorded as un-roadworthy at the beginning to 2019, a 9.91% increase when compared to the 1 064 623 recorded in 2017.

Tyre bursts, defective brakes, smooth tyres and dysfunctional lights are some of the factors that have been identified as leading causes of fatal crashes involving un-roadworthy vehicles.

Motorists, who intend travelling over the festive season, are advised to book in their vehicles for service and repairs ahead of undertaking their trips.

A reduction in un-roadworthy vehicles can assist in reducing the number of avoidable crashes and take the country a step closer to achieving the global goal of reducing road fatalities by 50% by the year 2030.