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Ronnie Kasrils Labels Apartheid Regime’s Attempt To Discredit SACP As ‘Crass’

Former Intelligence Minister Ronnie Kasrils has criticised what he said was the crass attempt by the apartheid regime to disseminate false information about the South African Communist Party (SACP).

The anti-apartheid activist took the stand on Wednesday at the inquest into the death of fellow activist Dr Neil Aggett.

Aggett died while in detention at the infamous John Vorster Square 38 years ago.

The apartheid police claimed the medical doctor committed suicide but Aggett’s family has never believed that.

Kasrils said a falsified version of the SACP’s Inkululeko Freedom document was issued by the apartheid government targeting individuals fighting against the regime.

“It was clearly put there just to embarrass certain individuals who were constantly standing for the defence in political cases. That is crass in its extreme. In fact, if it wasn’t serious, it would be utterly laughable.”