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Revolutionary and Cost-Effective New Recycling Solution Transforms Greywater into High-Quality Fresh Water

  • 3 min read

A new sustainable technology originating from Germany can now recycle greywater into fresh water suitable for human consumption, offering the most innovative process to obtain quality fresh water through an independent water cycle.

Ideal for the hospitality, retail, healthcare, education and residential sectors, KPRN Aqua delivers a sustainable and cost-effective recycling solution for the problem of increasingly scarce water resources in South Africa and beyond.

“Using new German systems and technologies, we are able to treat, recycle and re-mineralise greywater and other water sources into fresh water up to drinking quality. Our EU-certified and EU-approved solutions can result in a net reduction of up to 90% of freshwater needs and a significant reduction in water bills from external sources. Even Black water can be recycled in its own circle, reusing the recycled water for use in gardens, toilets, etc.,” explains Julia Kleber, KPRN Aqua CEO.

Beyond the obvious environmental benefits of using KPRN Aqua’s patented technology are the reductions in water supply and consumption costs and the guarantee of an independent supply of the highest-quality water for an extended period.  “KPRN Aqua guarantees a stable water supply as well as a fixed water price over a long time. It also protects users from price increases and water shortages as water increasingly becomes a scarce resource.”

Further, in areas with limited fresh water supply, the water from rivers, lakes, dams or water even from desalination and purification plants can be transformed into quality fresh water.

“The water is treated with a unique carbon component developed by our technology partners in Germany. This patented technology is the only one of its kind that can deliver carbon-treated water that meets the quality standards and sanitary regulations of high-quality fresh water for use in showers, kitchens, etc. It can even be further purified into drinking water to be bottled into branded mineral water,” explains Kleber. Imagine the impact KPRN Aqua Systems would have on the water consumption requirements of the hospitality sector in Africa, when one considers that one hotel room consumes on average 300 to 700 litres of fresh water per day, totalling between 109,500 to 255,500 litres per room per year and, for a hotel of 300 rooms, 32,850 m³ to 76,655 m³ per year.

“With KPRN Aqua Systems, everyone can have access to fresh water, while we can take care of our precious water resources and work towards a more sustainable future,” says Kleber.