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Revix, Coinpanion & BitFund Join Forces To Form Altify

South African crypto asset investment platform, Revix, has joined Austria’s Coinpanion and fellow South African crypto investment  platform BitFund, to form a first-of-its-kind alternative investment platform called Altify. 

Altify aims to empower people to grow their wealth outside of the stock market through a  diverse range of alternative investment opportunities that were once reserved for big  institutions and the ultra-wealthy. Alternative investments include asset classes such as  private credit (private debt), venture capital, real estate, crypto assets, collectibles and more. 

In its new form, Altify, will continue to offer the crypto investment products that Revix,  Coinpanion and BitFund are known for which includes the world’s widest selection of ETF style Crypto Bundles, that operate similar to an index fund. Other investment options include  leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and even physical gold on the  blockchain. Poised for expansion, Altify plans to introduce an exciting range of new  alternative investments in 2024. 

Sean Sanders, Revix’s founder and CEO, takes the reins as Altify’s CEO, unifying the  80,000+ customers of Revix, Coinpanion and BitFund under the Altify umbrella. 

“To solidify our value for the South African market, we’re excited to expand our investment  reach even further with this partnership,” says Sean Sanders, CEO of Altify. “Ultimately, our  goal is to enable South African investors the opportunity to harness the power of alternative  investment, positioning ourselves as the go-to alternative investment platform across South  Africa and the bigger EMEA region,” adds Sanders. 

Altify’s mission is to empower our South African investors to access the lucrative alternative  investment markets which have, over the long-term, outperformed global stock markets and  provided exceptional risk-reducing diversification to investment portfolios. Sanders  elaborates, “While High Net Worth Individuals invest an average of over 20% of their wealth  in these alternatives, everyday South Africans are at less than 3%. Our aim is to change this  by democratising access to these lucrative opportunities, thereby helping South Africans’  grow their wealth in ways that are both sustainable and impactful.” 

Sanders elaborates, “The average age of those investing in alternative assets is currently  65. We’re engaging with a younger audience, targeting investors aged 25 to 50, providing  them with decades to capitalise on compounded returns that can profoundly shape their  financial trajectory.”

Sanders notes that the crypto winter spanning 2022 to 2023 has led to a challenging  landscape for many retail-focused investment platforms, making it difficult for them to secure  further financing and thus more receptive to consolidation. In response to this trend, Altify is  actively pursuing growth through consolidation. The company is currently engaging with  various investment platforms across the UAE, UK, and Europe, exploring opportunities for  them to join Altify in the upcoming months. 

“The digital asset sector remains the most innovative area in financial services. Unifying with  Coinpanion and BitFund reinforces our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation  as we continue to enhance our crypto service offering,” adds Sanders.

Both Revix and Coinpanion were established in 2019 and have garnered impressive traction  with their innovative ETF-style crypto asset portfolios. Their partnership positions Altify  across both Europe and Africa with the necessary regulatory licences, an established  customer base and a market-leading investment app and web platform. Collectively, Revix,  Coinpanion and BitFund have received over $250 million in deposits. 

The transaction was well supported by both companies’ shareholders, who include well known names such as Johannesburg-listed specialist investment group Sabvest, CVVC,  Founders Factory, Emurgo, High-Tech Gründerfonds and Calm/Storm Ventures. As well as  angel investors like MySugr Founder Frank Westermann, business angel “Hansi”  Hansmann, among others.

 “As a CFA Charterholder and investor myself, I was frustrated with the lack of investment  opportunities and tooling available to the South African market. That’s exactly what we plan  to solve through Altify; we want to provide our investors with access to a wide-variety of  wealth-building options suitable to different risk profiles and help South Africans grow and  protect their wealth,” concludes Sanders.  Please visit to explore their investment opportunities and learn more.