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Returning Attention to Lesotho’s Musical Tradition

A collaboration led by the South African College of Music at the University of Cape Town, aims to return attention to Lesotho’s musical tradition. The collaboration involves filming musicians and exhibiting related artworks. We recorded musicians playing four instruments that are also depicted in clay figurines made by the late Lesotho artist Samuele Makoanyane (1909-1944). Iziko South African Museum, in collaboration with Dijondesign (heritage consultants for the Lesotho National Museum and Art Gallery), have created a virtual exhibition of the delicate figurines. They used photogrammetry – recording, measuring, and mapping – to make 3D digital models of the sculptures. These digital models are between 8cm and 18cm in height. They allow for detailed and interactive exploration. The figurines are being exhibited through Iziko South African Museum. The new Lesotho National Museum and Art Gallery will also show them at its official opening in 2022.