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Retreat Group Galvanises Community To Give Back To Needy Learners

A Cape Town community has decided to take matters into its own hands to assist those in need.

Five Retreat residents have helped 150 needy school children with stationery and other school supplies.

The group appealed to its over 80,000 members for donations and they’ve been pouring in ever since.

Through their Facebook page – ‘Steenberg & Retreat news, ads & updates’ – the residents mainly promoted local businesses.

But now the group’s focus has been on lending a hand to the less fortunate.

Two weeks ago, the group began a back-to-school drive. They pitched in with donations of school shoes, clothes and other necessities.

Sascha-Lee Ruiters: “There’s a lot of single parents, there’s a lot of unemployed parents. Our areas are known for gangsterism and poverty because there aren’t enough opportunities, so the children come out of school because they don’t have things for school.”

So far, 150 learners have been assisted.