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Relaxing Holiday Destinations In The Western Cape

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It’s been a stressful year, to say the least, and so good rest and relaxation is more important than ever before. If you’re looking for a blissful holiday in South Africa, the good news is you’re not short of options. Whatever you’re looking for, South Africa can offer a wonderfully diverse range of relaxing experiences.

This list is not exhaustive by any means, but it’s a good place to start looking for inspiration as you begin to plan that all-important trip.

Betty’s Bay

Betty’s Bay is a small town on the coast of the Western Cape. If you’re looking for a beautiful, idyllic retreat, then Betty’s Bay is definitely worth considering. You’ll have all the comforts and conveniences of a town, along with some stunning natural scenery to explore. If you’re a fan of penguins, then you won’t be disappointed – you’ll find one of South Africa’s largest colonies of African penguins here. The Harold Porter National Botanical Garden is also a highlight – the perfect choice for relaxing walks in a vast area of pristine natural beauty, with many species of rare flora to appreciate at your leisure.

Cape Town

No list of South African locations is complete without Cape Town. A thriving, metropolitan city, with a fascinating history and a variety of activities on offer, it’s no surprise that tourists flock here. Although thrillseekers will find plenty to enjoy in Cape Town, the city can also be a relaxing paradise if you know where to look. There are miles of beaches to explore, and Table Mountain National Park is within easy reach if you want to spend a few hours peacefully communing with nature.

Aquila Safari and Spa

Located around two hours away from Cape Town by car, this safari experience might be something of a (literal) wildcard option. Being around fearsome lions may not sound like the most relaxing time, but at the Aquila Safari and Spa it really can be. What could be better than spending a few hours watching majestic wildlife, before winding down with a spa treatment and a blissful soak in the pool?

There are a variety of safari and spa experiences to choose from, as well as a range of different accommodation options – including luxury lodges. Hearing the sounds of nature from your lodge out in the country makes for a perfect retreat from stressful urban life. If this sounds too relaxing, of course, the safari experience itself is sure to bring more excitement to your day.

There is also a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre on site, and Aquila is also involved in anti-poaching programmes and the promotion of eco-friendly tourism.

Vineyard tours

South Africa is famous for its wine, and for good reason. With a luxurious vineyard tour, you’ll be able to sample the finest South African wine and explore some spectacular natural scenery at the same time.

You’ll have no trouble finding spectacular vineyards to visit, especially in the famous Cape Winelands. But for the most relaxing experience of all, La Petite Ferme in the Franschhoek Valley should be on your list. With panoramic views and beautiful, rolling lawns to admire, you’ll really feel at one with nature as you sip your wine. This vineyard is also within easy reach of Cape Town, so it could easily be combined into a larger itinerary if you’re visiting the area.

South Africa is a wonderfully diverse destination, and there are hundreds of other potential locations here that are worth considering for a relaxing retreat. But hopefully this list has given you a good starting place!