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Registration Now Open For The Largest Running Event In The World

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It’s time to reserve a place to join the hundreds of thousands globally who will share their joy and achievement in the Wings for Life World Run 2024. People of all fitness levels can sign up – and no matter where in the world they participate, they’ll be heading toward a cure for spinal cord injury.

Pretoria/Cape Town, 08 November 2023 – For anyone who’s ever wanted to be part of something truly global: Now is your chance. Registration is officially open for the 11th edition of the largest and most inclusive running event in the world, the Wings for Life World Run. On Sunday, May 5, 2024, runners and wheelchair users on every corner of the planet will feel the connection as they participate simultaneously in a fun, unique format. And while each will set their own pace, with their own goals, they’ll all be helping to find a cure for spinal cord injury, because 100 percent of entry fees and donations goes to vital spinal cord research.

“I’m so excited that registration is opening for 2024! In the previous edition of the Wings for Life World Run we had a record number of participants, and our goal is to see even more people on the starting line next May,” says Colin Jackson, the British hurdling legend who is the event’s International Sports Director. “We’re thrilled that this is the largest running event in the world, and we’re extremely proud of our participants, because each new registration brings real hope to everyone affected by spinal cord injury.”

Event Details:

Date: May 5, 2024

Locations: Irene Dairy Farm, Pretoria and P9 Greenpoint, Cape Town

But that’s not all! We have an incredible highlight reel from previous Red Bull Wings For Life events that will give you a taste of the excitement and energy you can expect. Check out this video here to see the magic in action.

How to Get Involved:

Register now to secure your spot in this extraordinary event! Visit our website to sign up and learn more about the event. Registration is open, and spaces are limited, so don’t wait too long!

A great day out and so much more

Whether they run, roll in a wheelchair, jog or simply walk, every participant in the Wings for Life World Run starts at exactly the same moment, 13:00 PM UTC South Africa. But they don’t run toward the finish line – they run away from it. Participants are chased by the event’s signature “Catcher Car,” which gives them a 30-minute head start. When this moving finish line passes them, they’ve successfully completed their race, until the last man and woman to be caught are named the global champions. The Catcher Car format means that everyone, no matter their fitness level, can be sure of finishing the race. But that’s only part of the appeal.

Over 40 locations already open for registration – with more to come

The Wings for Life World Run is so accessible because each person can choose not only where, but also how they want to participate, and their results count equally on the global leaderboard. The Wings for Life World Run App makes it easy to run just about anywhere, chased and motivated by a Virtual Catcher Car that’s voiced by a famous name. For those who prefer to set their own course, the Wings for Life World Run App makes it possible to start wherever they happen to be. A popular option for those who want to use the App but don’t want to run solo is an App Run Event. Organized locally from Australia to Brazil, from Japan to Slovakia, and in lots more countries right around the world, there are already over 30 App Run Events available to join, with many times that number to be added before Race Day.

Yet another option: Inseven destination cities spanning Austria, Croatia, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland and – new this year – the Netherlands, thousands of participants will start shoulder-to-shoulder and will be chased by a physical Catcher Car with a celebrity driver at the wheel.

In a first for the event and as part of a new partnership with leading sports brand adidas, everyone who registers – no matter where or how they choose to run – will receive the official Wings for Life World Run t-shirt to help them get ready to race. The special commemorative design from adidas will let everyone know the wearer is running for those who can’t.

A big impact keeps getting bigger

Since the first Wings for Life World Run in 2014, the event has so far raised over 43.8 million euros, with 1,293,716 registered participants covering 11,839,989 kilometers in over 195 countries across all seven continents. The 2023 edition alone drew a re cord 206,728 participants, and the aim for 2024 is to surpass that benchmark with even more people taking part. As always, 100% of their entry fees will go to spinal cord research. The event is the primary fundraiser for the not-for-profit Wings for Life foundation, which funds promising spinal cord research and clinical trials. Breakthroughs from these studies are already changing lives, so going for a run on a single day in May really can make a difference in the search for a cure.

The Wings for Life World Run starts simultaneously around the world at 13:00 PM UTC / South Africa on Sunday, May 5, 2024.

For more information and to register: