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Refugees Accuse Rwanda and the UNHCR of Starvation

The UN has rejected the accusation, saying it is doing its best to provide aid during difficult economic times. Food rations have not only been reduced in the Mahama Refugee Camp near the Tanzanian border, but they have also been delayed. It can take up to two to three months, one distressed camp resident told DW. Lilly Carlisle, UNHCR spokesperson in Rwanda, told DW that the refugee agency has not reduced food rations or the monthly upkeep fee despite the challenges they face in trying to ensure the welfare of refugees. Rwanda’s deputy government spokesperson, Alain Mukurarinda, did not respond to questions from DW. Since 2015, more than 300,000 refugees from Burundi have fled to neighboring countries such as Rwanda and Tanzania. They were displaced following a political crisis under now-deceased President Pierre Nkurunziza. After serving two terms, Nkurunziza refused to step down, triggering months of protests.