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Rediscovering South Africa

South Africa is a big country with lots to experience. Often some of these experiences are over looked for the big name attractions. One such province is the Eastern Cape. This province has been a source of inspiration for many writers over the years and it’s no surprise why. Take a trip to the Wild Coast and Frontier Country within the Eastern Cape. With two tented-camp facilities in the park and Graaf-Reniet just outside, there is no shortage of accommodation. The main attraction you can’t miss is the Valley of Desolation. Drive up to the top and look over the panoramic views of the piled dolerite columns against the backdrop of the plains of the Great Karoo. Visitors can also drive along the roads through the park to view the indigenous game and birds in their natural habitat, there are also two 4×4 trails for those with a feel for adventure and the right car. If you prefer to take things slower on foot, there are various hiking trails which take you through this landscape with varying levels of difficulty.