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Record Fuel Price Drop To Kick In At Midnight

Record Fuel Price Drop To Kick In At Midnight

The petrol price drops by almost R2.00 per litre at midnight on Tuesday, although the COVID-19 lockdown means most motorists would not draw the benefit any time soon.

Fuel was not in high demand due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, but those who need to fill up with petrol would see a whopping R1,94 cents drop at the pump.

It’s one of the biggest price cuts in recent years and by no means an April fool’s joke.

Motorists at the coast currently pay R15,20 cents for a litre of petrol. On Wednesday, it drops to R13,26 cents. The last time Motorists paid this price for petrol was in 2013.

To fill a 60 litre tank motorists would save just under a R120.

Those driving diesel vehicles would benefit from a lower, but still significant price cut of between R1,33 and R1,39.

The major decrease was mainly due to a sharp fall in oil prices.