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Rebuilding what was Lost in the DRC River of Fire

Crews from Virunga Park in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where the Virunga Energies company is also located, are rebuilding power lines torn down by lava flow. “The pipes and tanks were covered by lava. So right now, the population is suffering a lot. To get even 20 litres of water, they have to travel more than 20 km.” further stressed Faustin Zabayo, president of the youth of Nyiragongo territory. DR Congo’s government said Saturday that the eruption of a second volcano it had announced hours earlier was a “false alarm,” the scare coming a week after Mount Nyiragongo roared back into life, causing devastation and sparking a mass exodus. Scientists have warned of a potentially catastrophic scenario — a “limnic eruption” which occurs when lava combines with a deep lake and spews out lethal, suffocating gas across a potentially large area.