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Rebuilding the Best Hotel in Marrakech

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It’s the transcendental service and minor touches, like the sensation of walking under arches shaped like four-leaf clovers that elevate the Oberoi to the highest echelons of hotel-saturated Marrakech. Plus, the Oberoi has one-of-a-kind views, and soon the city’s only resident Ayurvedic doctor. In an age that worships the newfangled and prioritizes speed, the Oberoi Marrakech is a purist monument to sincerity, refinement, and patience. Outside the medina walls, an engraved cedar doorway rises 20 feet from its own honeyed reflection, like a lofty invitation to step inside. Crouched before the Atlas Mountains on a 28-acre prayer mat of olive groves, the mammoth marble hotel behind that entrance has been a long time coming.


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