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Ranking Nollywood Actors Who Play Villains the Best                              

Filmgoers tend to love a despicable villain, and Nollywood has offered up some greats. Taking the form of evil witches or murderous thugs, some actors have excelled at making treachery their calling card in role after role. Perhaps Nollywood’s most iconic anti-hero, Segun Arinze is firmly ensconced in the top-tier of acting talents that Nigeria has produced. The gravitas of Arinze’s performances mixed with the subtle sensitivity that he imbued his characters with meant that they lived long in the memory of viewers. There simply cannot be a roll call of Nollywood’s greatest villains without Prince Emeka Ani. The actor who got into filming under fortuitous circumstances has worked with a roll call of Nigerian movie greats but still managed to outstrip them at his peak when it came to his ability to inspire fear and dread in the heart of young children hooked on Nollywood productions from the late 2000s to early 2010s.