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Ramokgopa Says Lifting Of State Of Disaster On Electricity Won’t Affect His Dept

Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa will on Thursday morning provide an update on government’s electricity generation capacity.

Over the last few weeks, Ramokgopa visited Eskom power plants to assess the condition of the country’s power generation sector.

Briefing the media on Wednesday, Ramokgopa said that the lifting of the national state of disaster on electricity would not have any material impact on his department’s capacity to provide power.

Following the cancelation of the national state of disaster on electricity, Ramokgopa sought to reassure the nation that all was under control.

He said that his department would not be affected by that decision.

“You don’t need the Disaster Management Act, so I guess the point that is being asked is, the removal of the state of disaster, is it going to undermine the agility, pace and responsiveness of procurement? The answer is an emphatic no.”

Ramokgopa said that procurement of electricity supply would go on as per normal.

He added that should the need arise for a state of disaster to be implemented again, government would seek advice on the matter.