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Ramokgopa Refutes Stage 8 Claims

Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa said despite some areas experiencing intense load shedding over the last week, the country did not reach Stage 8 of rolling power cuts.

Ramokgopa was briefing the media in Pretoria on the state of the power grid on Sunday.

Since power cuts were ramped up to Stage 6, some residents complained of experiencing prolonged load shedding, with hours that extend beyond those set for Stage 6.

“I want to repeat on record, we were never at Stage 8; we were on Stage 6. If there is any major challenge, I will be the first to call a press conference and share with you in the same manner we have done previously.”

On Sunday afternoon, rolling power cuts are set to be reduced to stage four until Monday morning.

Ramokgopa also said some units are expected to return to service on Tuesday.

“I did make the point that Unit 2 and Unit 5 at Kusile, there is an expectation that they will come online. And as these two units come back, our unplanned capacity loss factor… we hope it will dip below 14,000 megawatts and therefore we should be having significantly lower stages of load shedding.”