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Ramokgopa Dispels Myth That Eskom Is ‘Buying Itself Out Of Load Shedding Situation’

Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa has once again refuted claims that there is political pressure on Eskom to keep the lights on 22 days away from elections.

In his energy action plan update in Tshwane on Monday, Ramokgopa reiterated that there had been no political interference on operations at Eskom.

It has now been 40 days without load shedding and the minister attributed the reprieve to a stabilising grid and ongoing efforts by the utility.

Last week, Ramokgopa said that load shedding was within “touching distance” after achieving an energy availability factor of 65.5%, coupled with 40 days of uninterrupted power supply.

Comparatively, unplanned outages increased from over 16,000 last year to 18,000 this year, the reduction in unplanned outages meaning the energy availability factor has been above 60% since last month.

“I am able to dispel the myth that Eskom is buying itself out of the load shedding situation as a result of political pressure exerted on it by the incumbent government.”

He said the positive streak had nothing to do with elections drawing nearer.