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Ramaphosa To Join 11 Other World Leaders At Cairo Peace Summit

President Cyril Ramaphosa is set to attend the Cairo Summit for Peace in Egypt, which will focus on the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel.

The war between the two parties rages on, with claims that an Israeli rocket struck a Greek Orthodox church in Gaza on Friday.

The summit is set to take place on Saturday, with 12 presidents from around the world, expected to attend.

As the international community tries to intervene in the ongoing war between Israel and militant group, Hamas, 12 world leaders are set to meet in Egypt on Saturday to discuss a way forward.

President Ramaphosa said that South Africa was ready to join the global effort to bring peace to the Middle East as the enormous loss of life in the area was concerning.

At least 5,000 people have been killed in both Israel and Gaza over the last two weeks, with thousands more injured.

Gaza is currently facing a humanitarian crisis after Israel cut off supplies to the area last week.

It’s hoped the Rafah border will open on Friday to allow aid into the strip.

Ramaphosa said that South Africa would continue to call for peace and the release of hostages.