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Ramaphosa Says South Africa’s Current Healthcare System is Unsustainable

President Cyril Ramaphosa has stated that South Africa’s present healthcare system is unsustainable, despite differing opinions on how the National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme should be implemented.

In his letter to the nation, he claims that access to great healthcare should not be based on one’s ability to pay.

Ramaphosa’s remarks came days after signing the NHI Bill into law.

He has highlighted the state’s major support to private sector health care in the form of personnel training, subsidies for public sector medical aid systems, and tax breaks for medical aid bills.

Ramaphosa has also demonstrated the high cost of private health care for many people, whose medical aid contributions are rising faster than inflation.

He goes on to say that the money spent by both sectors can be better employed to develop a single system that benefits all South Africans.