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Ramaphosa Meets SA Group Repatriated From Wuhan

President Cyril Ramaphosa is at The Ranch Resort outside Polokwane to see off the 112 South Africans repatriated from China, at the height of the coronavirus outbreak in that country.

The group was brought back in an operation led by the South African National Defense force earlier this month.

While 1,187 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in the country, all in the group have tested negative for the virus.

They arrived at The Ranch Resort on 14 March 2020, where they were isolated for 21 days after being in the virus-stricken city of Wuhan.

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It was confirmed upon their arrival that none had shown any symptoms of the coronavirus, but they would be kept at the resort as a precautionary measure and for monitoring.

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This past week, the second series of tests were conducted for the repatriates and the team of pilots, crew members and doctors and they have all been cleared.

President Ramaphosa is at the resort to see the group before they are reunited with their families.

After this meeting, the President will return to Pretoria to chair a virtual meeting with the national command council that is coordinating the national emergency response to COVID- 19.