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Ramaphosa Lends His Solidarity With African Americans

President Cyril Ramaphosa pledged solidarity with African Americans in the wake of protests against injustices committed against black people in the US following George Floyd’s murder.

Ramaphosa described the protests which have since spread across the globe including locally as African Americans’ “massive fight to reclaim their dignity”.

He was speaking during an online birthday celebration in honour of struggle stalwart Andrew Mlangeni who turned 95 today.

The president says the dignity black people in the US are seeking now is that which Mlangeni fought for his whole life.

Floyd died at the hands of police officers in Minneapolis last week.

Ramaphosa said the tragedy opened deep wounds for everyone.

Linking the killing to Mlangeni’s birthday celebration, Ramaphosa said while the struggles waged by fighters of his generation were foremost in service of people in South Africa, they were also for the liberation of all who suffer under oppression.